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Digital Support Programme

This project is part funded by Invest Northern Ireland and the European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth & Jobs Northern Ireland (2014-2020) Programme.

Digital Support Programme

With digital marketing becoming such a vital tool for businesses in today’s world for boosting sales, generating leads and reaching new customers, businesses will need as much knowledge and experience as they can in this field. The Digital Support Programme is designed to give businesses valuable advice and support from experts in the industry, between 1:1 mentoring and workshops, where they can then develop their digital skills within their industry.

This programme aims to enhance digital capabilities and develop knowledge in new and existing platforms including; social media management and advertising, SEO, PPC and website optimisation. 

This programme allows businesses to register their interest* for mentoring sessions with an expert in the industry.  If successful each eligible business will benefit from a digital diagnostics to establish  their skills, gaps and individual business needs and then follow on with 1:1 mentoring. As a result the 230 businesses on the mentoring programme will have developed a bespoke knowledge in digital marketing to enhance business performance.

We will mentor 30 digital businesses and upskill their team with the essential know how on all areas of digital marketing. We’ve handpicked some of the best talent across all digital disciplines to help digital businesses upskill. Our mentors and trainers have a very hands-on approach. We will create a bespoke mentor package for you to ensure your staff have the most relevant digital skills needed to help your digital business stay ahead.

The flexible 1:1 mentoring programme gives both traditional and digital businesses the opportunity to discuss and seek advice on many aspects of digital marketing including;

  • Website  planning and  Developing content  for web
  • Social  Media and  Business Blogging
  • Video  Marketing,  Vlogging & Working  with Images
  • E-Commerce  and Selling  online
  • Paid  Digital  Advertising
  • Email  marketing,  CRM and Big  Data
  • Cloud  Computing  and Cyber resilience
  • Mobile  Marketing

In addition, workshops have been designed to develop digital knowledge on existing platforms already widely used by businesses while also giving a scope for new, emerging platforms to progress awareness in all aspects of digital marketing.

*subject to eligibility criteria


Niamh Taylor

Niamh is an award-winning digital marketing expert with over 18 years international experience in marketing, both online and offline, across B2B, B2C and public sector. 


Emma Gribben

Emma is an international digital marketing consultant and trainer working with start-ups, SMEs, brands and agencies in NI, ROI, UK, Dubai and Australia across digital strategy.

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Cara Jackson

Cara is a talented social media and content executive with specialist knowledge and experience in video. She trains on all areas of digital marketing. 

Meghan Semple

Meghan Semple

Meghan is a excellent marketing strategist with experience working with businesses to help them grow. Her passion for getting things done & helping small businesses thrive lead her to working with some extraordinary brands. 


Jillian Henning

Jillian is a specialist content writer with a decade of experience in bringing business personality into words through blogging and social media content, and creating successful content planning strategies for a range of clients and industries.

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Sian Eastwood

Sian is a skilled marketing consultant, who helps small businesses to develop and implement marketing strategies, grow their business and succeed online

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Caroline O'Neill

Caroline is Co-Founder of the NI Social Media Awards and pioneered DIGG for Success helping businesses to establish and utilise effective online social media marketing. She is a mentor for small businesses looking to grow their presence on social media. 


Sarah-Louise McGrath

Sarah-Louise is a skilled digital marketing consultant who helps small business owners grow their online presence through all aspects of digital marketing. She is especially passionate about social media strategy and content creation.


Megan Coyle

Megan is an experienced digital marketer, who is passionate about the difference best practice digital marketing can do for businesses and organisations. She has a proven track record of successfully helping brands grow online through social media and through content marketing.


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